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Effective Treatments Can Restore Fertility

Men who want children but who cannot conceive often feel extreme frustration and emotional stress. The good news is that a number of more effective male infertility treatments are now available. And we have some of the best infertility treatment specialists in the country right here at Orange County Urology Associates in Laguna Hills, California.

Statistics show that about one in six couples are infertile. Male infertility plays a role in about half of these cases. By definition, these couples cannot conceive despite having had frequent, unprotected sex for at least a year.

The causes of male infertility may include low or no sperm production, mutated or immobile sperm and physical blockages that prevent sperm delivery. Certain chronic health problems, illnesses, injuries and lifestyle choices can also cause male infertility. Fortunately, we offer several safe, effective therapies that can significantly improve the chances of conception.

Our male infertility patients come to us from Lake Forest, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills, Irvine and Mission Viejo in Orange County, CA. Find today’s most effective treatments for male infertility at Orange County Urology Associates. Call us at 949.855.1101 or use our online Request an Appointment form to schedule your consultation with one of our urology doctors.